Can You Wiggle Your Ears, Or Do Anything Cool, Like That?


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I can wiggle my ears.
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Yes. I can wiggle my ears ...well, really I can only move my scalp back and forth and my ears move with it. However, I can draw a line down the middle of a piece of paper, then with a pen in each hand and, starting at that line, write my name with both hands at the same time. With my right hand I am writing my name forward (left to right) and with my left hand I am writing it backwards (right to left).

Here are a few more to try:
1-With your bare foot and all you toes on the floor, lift only your big toe off the floor ...leaving all four of your little toes still on the floor.
2-Touch your pinkie tip to your index finger tip - all on the same hand ...and without the aid of any part of your other hand or any surface other than is on the hand to which that pinkie and index finger belong.
3-Tie your shoe with only one hand. This one will really make you empathetic to people who only had one hand (say, from amputation or whatever) before velcro was invented.
4-Look to the right with both eyes. While holding the left eye in that position, move only your right eye toward your nose. Then move only your left eye as far left as possible without changing the position of your right eye. If you did it correctly, you went from point A - looking far right with both eyes, to point B - cross-eyed, to point C - looking far left with both eyes only moving one eye at a time. My niece can do this. I don't know anyone else who can.
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LJ Bee
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Oh, here's 1 more. Most females (past puberty) CAN do this, most males (also past puberty) can NOT. Get down on your knees & sit back on your heels. Now place your forearms on the floor N front of you, elbows 2 knees & fingertips outstretched. Place a square or rectangular item that will stand on end, btwn 5-7 in/12.5-18cm tall, but it has to be lightweight and easily tipped over - small book, chalk eraser, VHS tape or tape box, empty box like checks come N... Now with arms behind back, (con...)
LJ Bee
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(con...), knees & lower legs still firmly planted on floor or ground, lean forward just far enough to push the book, box or whatever over with your nose & return to sitting on your heels.

I warn you, if you are male, you will likely go face first into the floor be ready to catch yourself!
LJ Bee
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Okay, I left this out. The item you stand on the floor on end must be exactly at the end of your outstretched fingertips.
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No,I don't Wiggle my Ears.
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No, I can't wiggle anything!!
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No! But I can do cooler! I can flare my nostrils, which is pretty common, and, (really weird and scary),


Hope this helped!
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Unaware of being able to do these things as I have never tried to be honest with you.....
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Penny Kay
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You may have hidden talents! I can also bend the top segment of my fingers independently of the rest of my fingers. My BFF from high school can touch her nose with her tongue! And other such anomalies.lOl!
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No, i can't wiggle my ears oh!wait! Somethings happening the left ones moving and now the right one oh oh! Wait for it wow i'm flying!!! Aw shoot !but i crashed back into my seat.maybe i'll try again later.
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I can pass an incredible amount of gas about 8 hours after eating some spicy food. That will make everybody else's nostrils flair!
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Penny Kay
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Well I don't know what to say here, except that seems to be a man thing. I know women do it, but they are usually not willing to boast, lOl! Great answer Jim! Right in the spirit of things here!.....*p
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I can't wiggle my ears or anything.
I can make my nostrils flair
i can also touch my nose with my toes and i can curl round, put my head back and put my feet on the back of my head.
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No I can't wiggle my ears but I can wiggle my nose and touch my nose with my tongue it's pretty weird but it's fun.

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