Where Is 1/3 Of A Inch Located In A Ruler?


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One third of an inch is 0.85cm, which may be easier to find on a ruler. There are 10mm markings between each centimetre on a ruler, so between the eighth and ninth millimetre, you will have one third of an inch. Alternatively, on your ruler on the inches side you will see lots of little lines between each full inch. There will be 16 lines between an inch, and a third of 16 is 5.33cm. It will not be perfectly accurate, but if you count five little lines across on the ruler, one third of an inch will be slightly past the fifth line.

The centimetre and millimetre are part of the metric system; an international decimalised system of measurement. France was the first to adopt it in 1799 and it is now the basic system of measurement used in almost every country in the world; the United States being the only industrialised country yet to adopt the International System of Units as its predominant system of measurement. Other measurements included in the system include the centimetre, kilometre, millimetre, grams, seconds, Degree Celsius, square meter, hectare, litre, Newton, kilopascal, watt and kilowatt, ampere and kilojoule and megajoule.

Despite the fact that the metric system is the system of measurement for almost the whole world, the imperial system is still widely used throughout Britain and America and this includes the use of inches. The imperial system is the system of units first defined in the British Weights and Measures Act of 1824, and 187 years on, it is still used, particularly with older generations in the UK and the USA have a slightly different version of the imperial system called The United States customary system.
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Usually on your typical ruler you won't see inches broken down and marked by thirds, but you can still find it.

1/3 of an inch is between 1/4 of an inch and 1/2 an inch.

There are tickmarks that mark off tenths of an inch, so just look roughly over 3/10'ths of an inch, or 3 tickmarks.
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where is 1/3" on a ruler?

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In a ruler

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