Where Is 3/4 Inch On A Ruler?


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Three quarters of an inch is 1.9cm approximately. On a ruler it would be the last millimetre marking before the larger 2cm mark.
Some rulers do also mark inches along the opposite side. The largest markers are for each inch, and then there are medium and small markers. The medium sized markers signify a quarter of an inch. The smaller ones indicated an eighth of an inch.
This is because rulers used to follow imperial measurements and rather than outright remove all trace of this as measurements moved to metric, instead the fraction style was added to the emptier inch side of the ruler.
British rulers are the most renowned in the world, due to the British colonialism in the Victoria Era, and most were actually split into centimetres and inches. As a result the eighths split was quite common, as was sixteenths. For anyone with an older, imperial ruler you should remember that 6/8 is 3/4 of an inch, and so is 12/16.
To make things even more complicated, metric DIY tape measures have an inch side, which is split into 32; 16 as the halfway point signifying half an inch, and then 8 and 24 either side of it, for extra precise accuracy in construction or development situations.

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