Why Is Mercury Red In Thermometer?


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Red thermometers are alcohol, with a dye. Invented in the 1600's. They're far less toxic or dangerous than the mercury thermometers (mercury is silver) if broken. However, they are more difficult to make, as they require a thinner capillary tube for the alcohol.

The question implies that a thermometer might be both red, and silver -- this does not seem likely. Perhaps the question needs to be re-asked in a way that is more specific. Just what is red outside, but silver inside? Do you mean that a red thermometer broke and somehow it now looks silver inside (which might happen once the alcohol has evaporated away)? Or do you mean that the writing on the outside of a thermometer is red but there is a column of silver (mercury) inside?
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I agree with aicha because as a nurse I have never seen a red mercury thermometer just an alcohol one. But I suppose it could be some type of dye which has been added , but I doubt it.
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Many thermometers contain mercury which is a silver-colored liquid. Thermometers with a different colored liquid that is usually red contain alcohol, not mercury. But you need to confirm it tough. I think it could be a sign of danger.

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