What Color Is Mercury From A Astronant Point Of Veiw?


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The starry night sky and the day sky that provides a peek of 'beyond', has always allured man. Man has been on an eternal quest to solve the mysteries of space and better define our own existence. Today, there are a number of dedicated institutions that train and equip personnel to explore the void or space. Many have conquered the satellites, other planets and the orbits, but some have been unsuccessful. Nevertheless, this has not stopped us from probing deeper. The solar system that we are a part of also has other planets. In fact, nine other planets that earth is one of.

The colour observed of the different planets depends upon the specific amount of sunlight that is reflected on and deflected by the planet surface. The colour of the planet Mercury has been observed as dark grey by the astronauts, within the sphere of space research. The surface of the planet Mercury is very rocky and covered with dust. The dust is supposed to be the residue of the igneous silicate rocks that are in large number on the planet. The special space research program has helped man probe into the features of the other planets and explore the possibility of life and Mercury has received much attention.
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Ya i went to space and i went on the planets all of them and guess what it was orange
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Find something to do if you can't stay off the computer. I have been looking to see if Mercury {the planet} is a certain color from space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For hours. Stay off the webite if you wanna mess with the real answers. Lord please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!11
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It's grey, but the first space probe found it to be 800F degrees (hot enough to melt lead), and -270F degrees in cracks and crevasses on the other side!

And the US has sent another probe trying to find out why!
In about 2 years it will get there!
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It is red brownish

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