3 1/2 Ounces Equals How Many Cups?


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How many cups will make one and a half ounces depends on what is to be measured. A cup full of flour, for instance, will equal four ounces, while the same cup will hold eight ounces of butter. Flaked or grated coconut, on the other hand, will only make it three ounces per cup, so one and a half ounces would equal half a cup.

Considering the comparatively high weights per cup, measuring out just one and a half ounces in a cup could prove to be extremely difficult when working with some of the heavier substances.

For substances such as flour or butter, for instance, it would therefore be more advisable to use scales to weigh out such a small amount. Alternatively, one could use a comparison table to determine compatible amounts in measures consisting of teaspoons or tablespoons. These common measurements are quite easily converted from one to the other, and will be far more accurate than trying to figure out how much to place into the bottom of a cup to achieve as little as an ounce and a half.

A comprehensive list of which substance or ingredient will weigh how much in comparison to a cupful can be found at Recipes4Us, a quite useful site for all sorts of questions relating to cooking and recipes. Taking a look at this site will explain why it is so difficult to correctly state an answer to this question without knowing what is to be measured. The list is in alphabetical order, so it is easy enough to find any one of a common range of possible ingredients.

Another way to find conversion tables for recipe measurements and weights is to have a look at some cookbooks, older ones in particular usually contain a set of comprehensive conversion tables.
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