How Many Cups Does 3 Quarts Equal?


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There are four full cups in a quart; therefore, you will need twelve cups to make three quarts. A typical cupful is measured with a standardized measuring cup; using the right measuring cup will help you get perfect results that you can use for recipes, or other formulations that require three quarts of a substance. Sometimes, when making drinks or foods for large groups, it can be very helpful to understand the science of converting measurements. It's much easier to understand different styles of recipes when you can calculate conversions in your head and use them to get perfect results with the measuring tools you already have on hand.

To do a perfect measurement of 12 cups (to make three quarts):

• Add your ingredient (liquid or solid) to a measuring cup and hold it up under strong light; you should see markings on the side of the glass or plastic measuring cup that tell you exactly where the one cup level is. Your ingredient should be level at this exact point.
• Some people err by filling the measuring cup right to the top, or lip; however, this may actually create a measurement that is significantly larger than a single cupful.
• Once you've measured out your first, perfect cup of ingredient, pour it into a larger bowl or container and repeat the process until you have measured out an additional 11 cups of ingredient. Your total cups should always equal 12.

Getting the hang of converting measurements is pretty easy; however, some people don't have measuring cups at home. If you need another way to get the right results, and you have tablespoons at home, simply fill a tablespoon 16 times to get a perfect cup. According to this method, you'll need to fill a tablespoon 192 times to make three quarts.
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12 cups

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