How Do You Convert The Unit Mg To ML In Volume?


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The solution is labeled as 10.0gr/fluidram
Which means that 10.0gr of the medicine are dissolved in 1 fluidram solution. So 7.5gr will be dissolved in = 7.5/10.0 => 0.75 fluidram
Now we know that 1 fluidram is equal to 3.72mL.
So 0.75 fluidram = 0.75 x 3.72 => 2.79mL
1gr = 64.8mg
Then 7.5gr= 7.5 x 64.8 =486mg
So you would give the patient 2.79mL or 486mg of the dose.
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The thing is, one mg of the fluid is not 1 mg of the drug. ML is the measure of liquid volume of the liquid in the bottle. MG is the measure of how much drug. Somewhere on the package it shows how many mg of ibuprofin is in every ml of the drug. I also have many suggestions about the conversion through this Conversion Calculator
For instance, the medicine we give our cat is 25 mg per ml. So to give her 50 mg, we give her 2 ml of the liquid. The dropper in the bottle is calibrated in ml.
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15mg to ml
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1l equal how much mg

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