How Do I Convert Ppm To Mg/kg Of Soil?


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  • Converting Ppm to Kg

The easiest, fastest and most effective way to convert units from one to another is to use an online conversion website. These are particularly useful, if you are unsure how to calculate the conversion or you are unsure about your maths skills.

A very good conversion website is If you follow this link you will be taken to the section of the website that will convert ppm to kg. You will be asked to enter the ppm in the top box and the bottom box will display how many this is in kilograms. 100,000,000ppm is 99.85kg for example.
  • What is PPM?

Ppm stands for Parts Per Million and is a unit of measurement usually used to measure small quantities of miscellaneous values. They measure values that have no normal unit of measurement assigned to them. The most common usage for parts per million units of measurement is for dilute solutions in chemistry, particularly for measuring the dissolved minerals or other dissolved pollutants within a substance.

  • What are Kg?

Kilograms are much more commonly used in our everyday lives. Kilograms are part of the metric system of measurements and are almost exactly the measurement of one liter of water. One kilogram is 2.2046 pounds and pounds are what were traditionally used for measuring similar quantities by using the imperial system. The imperial system is still used in America but the metric system is used in the majority of other countries due to the simplicity.

It can be difficult converting measurements from one type of unit to another but the new online conversion websites make the process simple and easy.
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It depends. If you have ppm as soil water concentration, you need to multiply by the volumetric water content and divide by the bulk density to get mass per mass soil (mg/kg). Mg/L = ppm soil water does not equal mg/kg concentration in soil....
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Step by step conversion of mg/L into mg/kg. For instant 0.5g of soil was taken and top up with distilled water to 100ml. After filtration 10ml of sample was then analysed using spectrophotomenter. The result obtained was 2.5mg/L of phosphate
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I want to answer me a similar question.o.5g of lyophilized milk was ashed and top up to 50ml volumetric flask with distlled water,and analysed with spectrophotometer.The result was 0.073ppm.Howw can i convert it in to mg/kg
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Ppm is equivalent to mg/kg dummy. A milligram is 10^-3 grams, and a kilogram is 10^3 grams, giving a difference of 10^6, or one million. Therefore, one milligram in a kilogram is one part in a million.

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