What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Nitric Acid?


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In addition to Aicha's answer, you need to consider carefully the concentration of the Nitric acid you have.

Whenever diluting acids:


Never never never do it the other way around, as heat may evolve and cause boiling and spitting which could injure your eyes and impair your eyesight.
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Nitric acid (HNO3) is also known as aqua fortis and spirit of nitre. It is a highly corrosive and toxic acid and can cause severe burns. There are many ways to dispose off nitric acid but it depends on the quantity of the acid you have. For large quantities you would have to contact your local Environment protection office. For small quantities, dilute it by adding water to it. Then you can neutralize it by adding a neutralizing agent such as an inorganic base, usually a 5% solution of NaOH or Na2Co3. Then confirm that the PH has become neutral (6-8). Then dispose it down the drain.
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