Where Can I Find The Practice Test For Metal Coils Endorsement?


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In the United States, a metal coil endorsement is now required in New York for vehicles that carry metal coils. This endorsement means that the license must have a ‘Code M’ stated on it. It is required if the vehicle will be carrying coils that either weigh 5,000 lbs, or that are bundled together to weight that amount.

American drivers’ licenses have several subdivisions for commercial vehicles. They are divided into categories whereby depending on what type of vehicle they are driving, they must have the correct endorsement on their license.

‘P’ will be used for passenger vehicles, which means vehicles carrying 16 or more passengers.

‘H’ is required for vehicles carrying Hazardous Materials and this also requires a criminal background check and a written exam.

‘N’ is used for Tank Vehicles and is also required for those that carry liquids in bulk.

‘T’ states the vehicle is carrying Double or Triple Trailers, also known as road trains and requires a class A driving license.

‘X’ is required for vehicles carrying Hazardous Materials in a Tank combination.

‘L’ is used for Air Brake vehicles and finally,

‘S’ will be required for school buses.

In the UK, commercial license endorsements are dependent on the size of the vehicle as opposed to the type or load it is carrying. This is divided into groups such as Large Vehicles, Minibuses, Buses with Trailers, Medium Vehicles, Medium Vehicles with Trailers and Tractors. They are categorized alphabetically.

In the United States of America, aside from Commercial licenses, standard drivers’ licenses are Passenger Car, Chauffeur, Motorcycle and Enhanced.
In many states, you only have to be 14 to qualify for a drivers licence, unlike the UK where the age is 17. For motorcycles however, you can acquire a licence at the age of 16 depending on the engine size.

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