How Has Space Exploration Changed Our Lives?


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It is how nasa developed lithium ion batterys to make small phones.
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It has changed our lives because now  we can explore the universe and learn about it.
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WOW that is a HUGE question!!!  I can give you a few ways it's changed our lives, after what I write, I am sure you can come up with other things too. Firstly, new ways of eating food had to be discovered since you can't eat crumbly food in space as the crumbs will float around and get into the circuits of the craft, same with water. Short circuiting your ride and life line is not a good thing to do in space. Tang orange drink was invented for the space program. So was Velcro! The astronauts needed a way to afix items to stop them from floating away. This includes their sleeping bags that are Valcroed to the walls of the ISS!! :-) The Gel and BIC pens were also invented for zero gravity. As the years went by and esp. With the invent of the Space Stations, they are now making medications and gems in space that cannot be made on Earth due to gravity. I hope that this gives you atleast a few ideas of advances made though the space programs.
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