How Much Bacon Equals Three Ounces?


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Each slice of bacon is approx 1 ounce.

Three slices would be 3 ounce.
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would that that be thin sliced, thick sliced or deli style?.. You need more info to answer this Q correctly
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To many variables here to be able to answer your question properly. 3 oz. Of bacon, you would need a cooking scale to measure it exactly. Are you speaking of precooked or postcooked?
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Traditionally, bacon comes in 12 oz pkgs. If you are dealing with 12 oz of bacon, simply cut off a quarter of the bacon and you will have your 3 oz regardless of how thick or how many slices there are.
If you have a pound of bacon (16 oz.), cut off approx 1/5 of the bacon and this will give you ~3 oz.

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