Why Do We Need The Antarctica?


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Antarctica is the largest mass of the coldest, frozen ice on Earth. This frozen ice requires a large amount of heat for warming up to zero degree Celsius and then 80 Calories of latent heat for chaging the state of frozen ice into water. Again, since water has maximum specific heat, it would warm up slowly. Thus, even if some meteorite is going to strike the Earth, everything else may perish within minutes, the life below the Antarctic sheet, would remain safer to start the life once again on our dear planet.

The cold frozen ice acts as a store house of thermal energy during local summer and it emits it out during winter. Thus Antarctica really regulates the Earth's atmospheric and oceanic temperatures. It is also the store house of thousands of beautiful species on Earth and of course, a huge store of fresh meat being exploited by many countries.

Antarctica offers the best resistance to survive and therefore, the courage that it has developed in the mindsets of the people, is unimaginable. It is guarded by the stormiest oceans and thus, Antarctica must be holding the most precious things (like Fresh Water, oil, gas etc ) for mankind. Mankind is yet to discover that  but already Antarctica has given many answers related to global warming, ozone hole etc. It offers the best tourist sites in the world-a heaven man never imagined on Earth.

Dr H N Dutta, REMTech, Shamli, INDIA

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