What Problems Does Antarctica Face?


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It is common knowledge that Antarctica is facing several problems, and most of them will not get any better in the future and have worrying impacts on the rest of the world.

Its biggest problem comes in the form of global warming.

With the rising temperatures occurring, icebergs are gradually melting down into the sea. Although this may not sound too terrible, it can have very detrimental effects for the rest of the world.

As the ice cap melts, sea levels begin to rise. Over time there is the possibility that sea levels will start to flood the land.

This image shows what could happen to the current coastline if sea levels continue to rise at the rate they are. Looks scary!

Another problem Antarctica is facing is resource exploitation. Primarily of its wildlife. 

Early explorers hunted seals for their fur almost to the point of extinction. Although this is not so much of a problem today, there is still the issue of illegal whaling and over fishing in the Antarctic waters. 

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