What Causes A Communication Gap In Parent-child Relationship?


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Wow! Don't have enough space for that awns er, but in  the short  version,. " its just a matter of time ".. Its inevitable... Generally about the time ,when friends start becoming important ,defiantly by the drivers license age , but don't panic ,every child goes through a RE PARENTING phase,, into early 20's sometimes.  Its only dangerous if communication breaks down completely !   I strongly suggest that you  ,learn to laugh with them. .believe in them. ..always be an adult, in confrontations.. In the end.. Love overcomes all... A very good book for learning,
"  COMBAT COMMUNICATION "  is " I'm OK YOUR OK "  a study of transactional analysis,... For very effective comuication skills ..good luck !!
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The problem is basically about generation gap. In India Parents try to rub their thoughts on their child's mind, there by creating pressure on them. We should make them think independently and help them in becoming a good person.
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I believe that the main cause of the communication gap between parents and kids is that we have different interests, and it's obvious. I mean, adults don't like playing children's games, so they usually let kids be on their own and give them Ipads so they wouldn't bother them. Of course, this approach is really bad, and it's important for parents to spend a lot of time with their kids. I'm a parent myself, and I reached the point when my son doesn't even want to play with me because he prefers toys from Goodevas, so maybe I'm a little intense. But I think it's way better than not being close to your kid.

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