What is the relationship between communication and identity?


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Identity refers to the individual set up, or the constitution, of an individual. It is there to ensure that they are recognised by other in society. An identity outlines that a person has their own attributes, their own mind, their own life. An identity is basically an independent being that has the ability to communicate. Naturally, that is the first relationship between these two things.

The identity of a person is incredibly important specific given that everybody has their own characteristics and everybody, despite similarities, are completely unique. Communication is the process in which these individuals, and these identities are able to understand each other and get points across. Simple things like talking are huge steps towards sharing thoughts and ideas across different identities. Every identity, every individual, has the ability to talk and understand each other, as well as having the desire to understand and communicate with others.

This is very true in terms of organisations and businesses, too. Each business has its own ‘identity’, which can be its brand image, its fan base, or its reputation as a whole. The communication would be a number of things, and could be the interaction between members of staff and people who are involved with the business; this known as internal communication.

Communication could also be the liaison between different businesses. Companies may have to discuss things, despite competition, and this is communication between two different identities, and not communication within one identity. Of course, this could also be classed under the way that a business gets in touch with its market base. Advertising could be a form of communication, much like political campaigns attempt to take the thoughts from one identity (a party) to the rest of the identities in the country, the electorate.

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