Name The Ore Of Aluminum?


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It was in 1908 in Britain that aluminum was first discovered and named by a gentleman called Sir Humphry Davy. The third most abundant element to be found in the Earth, it is generally found in the form of compounds. The ore of aluminum, that came to be known as Bauxite, was first discovered in 1821 by P.Berthier in France. It was a hard, clay like solid, red in color with approximately 52% of aluminum oxide content, when it was first found. Today, bauxite is widely occurring and can be found in tropical and sub tropical locations such as Australia, the West Indies, Africa and South America. The process of making aluminum from Bauxite involves refining it into, Alumina (aluminum oxide trihydrate) and then further electrolyzing it into metallic aluminum. This process was earlier called the Hall- Héroult process and was developed in 1886 by a French and an American scientist. The refining of Bauxite and the making of aluminum requires a lot of hydro electric power and water supply.

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