What Is The Current Price Of Scrap Aluminum Per Metric Ton?


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According to Metalprices.com, the current price of Aluminum per pound is $1.07. There are 2,000 pounds (Lbs) to a US ton (also known as a short ton), which means the current price of scrap Aluminum per metric ton is $2,140.

  • Aluminum
Aluminum, or Aluminium as it's known in the UK, has the rather unsurprising symbol Al in the Periodic Table. It is the most abundant metallic element found in the Earth's crust, which goes some way to explaining why it is available at such a low cost.
It is popular because it has a very low density and resists corrosion well, but it's never found in free-form; it is always part of another ore which needs extraction.

  • What is the Metric system?
The Metric System is an international weight system. It uses decimals for greater accuracy and operates in a structured mathematical system of increases that tie in to other measurements. It is more reliable and specific than Imperial measurements. It's very beneficial to scientific and engineering purposes.

  • Is the cost of Aluminum rising or falling?
Currently it is falling. Price index websites, such as Metalprices.com, indicate that Aluminum was doing terribly in the summer of 2010, especially so in August, but fought hard up until May to reach $1.25. Since then it has dropped, with brief respite at the end of July but nothing more than a momentary pause in its decline.

This is not to say such a decline in cost is bad. With the rising rate of inflation in many countries across the world, budgets are becoming tighter and priorities are being organized. Aluminum isn't a priority metal, but it still needs to be sold, so in order to get rid of it it must be sold at a lower price.
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 The Current Price Of Scrap Aluminum Per Metric Ton is 32220 US Dollars per Metric ton.
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32220 us dollar per metric ton

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