What Is The Importance Of The Atmosphere?


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The atmosphere is vital for life on earth. Without the atmosphere life would not be possible. It gives us air to breathe and also protects us from the ultraviolet rays of sun. It absorbs heat that temperatures on earth are such that life becomes possible. The weather, that exists by the circulation of water to vapor, to rain to water again.
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The Atmosphere is very important part of the biosphere.
It controls the heat
Protects us from the Ultra contains ray of the sun
Separates the earth from the space
Help's us to breath as atmosphere contains air
Regulates the temperature on the Earth
Traps some of the heat that comes from the sun during the day, so that the nights are tolerable too.
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The atmosphere is the envelope of gases that surrounds the earth. Earth's atmosphere makes conditions on earth suitable for living things. The atmosphere contains oxygen and other gases that living things need to survive. It protects living things from radiation of sun. Atmosphere also prevents earth's surface from being hit by meteoroids or rocks from outer space. So imagine the world without the atmosphere, it will be better to live on any other planet rather to live on the earth! Living things would probably die from living on earth. Scientists divide earth's atmosphere  into four main layers classified according to changes in the temperature.
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Daem, the atmosphere is earth's protective armor. The atmosphere separates the earth from the space and thus, hot asteroids do not hit the ground all the time.
Another very very important significance of the atmosphere is that it regulates temperature on earth. Although now the increasing greenhouse effect has become such a big crisis as it is causing global warming, the earth does need the greenhouse effect to some extent. This is because the atmosphere traps some of the heat that comes from sun during the day so that the nights are tolerable too. Do you know that Mercury, the planet closest to the sun and therefore the hottest has a night time temperature of -173oC while during daytime, it is almost 350oC? That is because it has no atmosphere. Imagine how impossible it would have been to inhabit earth if its temperatures fluctuated between such extremes every day!
The atmosphere also offers protection against the harmful rays of the sun. That is the issue of concern about the ozone holes. As the layer of atmosphere disintegrates from an area, it is in direct contact with sunlight without the atmosphere between it to remove the harmful radiation. This increases the risk of sunburns and skin cancer to a great degree.

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  • to breath
  • plants to grow for photosynthesis
  • we need rain, right?
  • to protect us from harmful ultra violet rays & infra red rays
  • controls heat
  • checks rain, season, etc
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It is a layer which is surrounded around the earth. It consists of air mixture of various gases.Composition of Atmosphere.The atmosphere starts from some feet beneath the earth and lies at the height of 1000 kilometers. Envelop of air is held to the earth by gravitational attraction. From the earth surface up ward to an altitude of about 80km.

There are two types of gases in atmosphere.
Constant gases
Variable gases
Constant Gases:
1. Nitrogen:
It does not enter easily into chemical union with other substances and can be thought of mainly as neutral substance very small amounts of (N2) are extracted by sail bacteria and made available for use by plants. It is 78%in the air
2. Oxygen o2:
Oxygen gas is highly active chemically. All lifes are depend on oxygen for inhaling
Oxygen gas is 20.97 %( 21%) in the air
3. Argon:
The remaining93 %( 1%) of dry air is mostly argon an inactive gas of little importance in natural process.
Variable gases:
1. Carbon Dioxide co2:
In addition there is a very small amount of carbon dioxide amounting about 0.033%. This gas is great importance in atmosphere process.
2. Water vapor:
This gas is the form of water. Mix freely in the atmosphere.
3. Dust particles:
The atmosphere also contains dust and tiny particles.
4. Ozone:
Ozone is the most constituent of atmosphere. It in found in upper layer termed a stratosphere. Ozone is the form of oxygen.
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An atmosphere is layer of gases which surround a material body of a sufficient mass. The earth atmosphere protects our planet and is a source of life. It absorbs harmful radiations and also filters the ultraviolet rays which are emitted by the Sun.
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It protects us from ultra violet rays of the sun. It also protects us from the meteors. Without the atmosphere, the earth's surface will look like the surface of the moon(full of craters).
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The atmosphere is the source of every living thing in the world,it plays a very important role in serving the world's need and it supports the earth and it's consisting provides ventilation to the earth because the atmosphere filters the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun which causes the living things in the world to also gives the air we breathe,the food we eat and the water we drink and above all it supports life.
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The atmosphere is crucial to life on Earth mainly because it contains most of the air, I think about 80%. It also contains the ozone layer, which protects all living things, sentient or not, from the radioactive parts of the sun's rays, the negative UV rays. Without the atmosphere, we would die from either lack of oxygen, or being burned to cinders or becoming radioactive and developing cancerous tumors and such from the sun's rays.
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The atmosphere is that regulates temperature on earth. The atmosphere separates the earth from the space.
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The layers of atmosphere is very important for living beings because it reflects  some of the heat of the sun and some is also absorbed by it.
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The atmosphere is that it regulates temperature on earth. The atmosphere separates the earth from the space.
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Atmosphere is a sphere of air.Atmosphere consists of mixture of gases,dust particles ,water vapours etc...therefore it is important not only for us but all human beings.
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The atmosphere is an envelope of gases surrounding the earth. The gases contained in this envelope are what really make the atmosphere significant. First of all, the atmosphere separates the Earth form space, i.e it acts as a barrier between earth itself and space. Also, the atmosphere contains oxygen which is vital for all living organisms to survive. Furthermore, it contains carbon IV oxide which is vital for photosynthesis in plants. Carbon IV oxide also helps to trap heat emitted from the Sun and this keeps our Earth warm at night. Ozone in the atmosphere which constitutes the ozone layer filters out ultra-violet radiation from the Sun's rays. The atmosphere also prevents meteorites from damaging earth, because of the resistance it offers, these meteorites burn up into dust before reaching the surface of the earth. Thank God for the atmosphere.

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Atmosphere serve as an umbrella which protects us from harmful UV rays that results to melanoma, a skin disease.

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