What Is The Composition Of The Atmosphere On Mercury?


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Mercury has an atmosphere comprised of helium, hydrogen, oxygen, potassium, and sodium.
The last two elements are believed to make up about 50% of Mercury's atmosphere.

Mercury's atmosphere
Mercury's atmosphere is best described as 'volatile', and this is mainly due to the solar winds that push the planet's gaseous atmosphere into a comet-like tail.

The planet's crust (of mercury) also has an impact.

Because of its magnetosphere, Mercury is able to capture ions from solar winds, constantly replenishing its supply. This helps to make up for the fact that it loses so may ions due to its proximity to the sun.

Mercury also gets a steady supply of potassium and sodium from meteorites that impact its surface on a regular basis.

Because of the high temperatures and harmful rays being emitted from the sun, mercury remains an inhospitable planet in terms of supporting life.

Also, as far as the elemental composition of the planet is concerned - mercury lacks an abundance of carbon, an element upon which all life on earth is based.

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