What Is Complex Motives?


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Complex motives may also be known as ulterior motives, and they are underlying motivations that contribute to certain planning and behavior. For example, a women may agree to marry a man she doesn't love, simply because she wants to attain a green card in the country he lives in...she may also plan to leave this new husband after a certain amount of time, so that she can pursue her own ambitions as a citizen of a new nation.

  • Understanding complex motives

Sometimes, understanding complex motives is impossible, because people act and lie and hide their own motivations under a façade. Therefore, most of us have run into the negative side of dealing with another person's complex motives. Office politics and family relationships are also prime arenas for the practice of complex motives. If you feel manipulated or used by someone else, this may be the result of their complex motivations, rather than anything specific that you have done. However, people who are particularly intuitive or perceptive may have the ability to see through to people's inner motivations, no matter how complex they are.

  • How to manage your own

The best way to deal with your own complex motives is by doing a little self-examination. If things aren't going smoothly in your life, ask yourself why are making certain choices that just don't work out. Complex motives, which sometime lurk in the subconscious mind, tend to affect our relationships and everyday choices. In some cases, therapy can erase certain complex motives that are caused by deep-seated insecurity, anger, or sadness.
Motives are goals or ambitions that may be simple of complex - these will be prompted by typical human needs and desires, such as greed, lust, envy, or love of power.

Studying psychology may lead to an enhanced understanding of complex motives as they relate to conduct, relationships, and past, present, and future behavior.

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