What Is Motivation?


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Motivation is defined as the desire or aspiration for achieving a goal combined with the efforts to work towards that goal. There are two types of motivation i.e. Positive motivation and negative motivation. Positive motivation is very beneficial for everyone because it gives a sense of achievement, drive and enjoyment but on the other hand negative motivation may lead to adverse effects in case of failures.    Thus motivation in simple terms can be explained as the factors, reasons or intent that makes people behave or act in a particular manner. Thus it is the driving force behind every action. It is a term mostly used in psychology. There are several theories of motivation given by psychologists of different times and places. Some of them are the Maslow's theory, Herzberg'sTwo factor Theory, Alderfer's ERG theory, Goal setting theory etc.
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Motivation refers to the discovery and utilization of the stimuli that would bring the desired pattern in particular individual or group of individuals. Basically motivation is an important element of the management function called direction. As a matter motivation is of great importance. It replaces the old management function of commanding. In commercial enterprises motivation is more effective in goal achieving than ordering or commanding do to the new emerging concept of management as the mean of creating, innovating and changing the task of getting others to accept changes becomes fundamental obligation of the mangers. In the situation the motivation presents itself as an essential methodology to accomplish this task.
In context of organization, especially a commercial organization, motivation obviously is important human relations function of the management, as such it is incumbent upon the managers to equip themselves with skills and techniques necessary for motivating the organizational personnel to more and latter work so as to achieve the objectives set for them. For this purpose they must find out answers to such questions as under.
1. What motivates the people?
2. How are people motivated?
3. How would a manager motivate people towards improved performance?
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Motivation is a factor which is usually associated with rewards. The higher the reward, higher the motivation to do work, effectively.
However, Inspiration is also a factor in motivating to succeed and excel. Inspiration to lead and to achieve more knowledge. It can also be to provide all facilities to their family too.
Do, visit following blurtit question:
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What Motives You In Striving Toward Excellence In Your Work At School?
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Motivation factors are the tools and the ways through which an individual is encouraged to show a specific behavior or perform a specific activity. The term motivation is used in almost all fields of life but its significance at workplace cannot be ignored. At workplace, if an employee is encouraged to work through various ways then it is known as motivation. Some tools of motivation at workplace include participation in decision making, financial benefits, good titles etc. Motivation always brings productivity in employees therefore, most of the organizations are using various motivation tools to encourage employees.
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The pursuit of my own happiness. In this day and age in the western world many of our basic needs are covered - ie: we don't need to hunt for food etc and baisic everyday tasks have been shortened by gadgets and inventions therefore making daily existing easy. Finding happiness is the real test in our lives today.
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Motivation is that driving force that induces action and it is continued until that action is achieved.
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Motivation : It means we work happily with desire to achieve what we need and the main is working hard with much of dynamic.

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Motivation word is mainly derived from the word motive which
means motive. Motive has different meaning like need and wants. Motivation is
how to find right path, right decision, how change your life and an
attitude to achieve your goals. Motivation means happiness. It gives us power inner peace and an ability to change
you. It is continuous process until we achieve our goals and action. It is a
desire to do things.

Types of Motivation:

Positive Motivation

Negative Motivation

MindGourmet is site which provides motivation quotes,
articles etc.

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Motivation is about how bad we are,so that we need to be motivated by others people.
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Motivation can be said as creating the interest and enabling to do the task which is risky or difficult.....It can be considered as the mind co-operation and acceptance and willingness to do the things assigned.
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Motivation is the attitude to achieve certain goals. It is  the desire towards something.
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Motivation is one of the most factors amongst the others that facilitates a child to obtain his desired aims during and after the situation he undergoes. It is the powerful weapon to keep children aleart and active throughout their lives.
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