What Are The Accepted Measurements For Carry On Luggage?


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Different airlines have slightly different rules when it comes to carry on luggage, but generally the measurements should be no taller than 22 in, no wider than 14 in and no deeper than nine inches. Sometimes though, you may find that your carry-on luggage fits these dimensions but is still rejected because it is an unusual shape. If you have any doubt about whether your bag will be allowed, it is worth checking with the airline to make sure, otherwise you may find yourself with a heavy bill to pay.

Some airlines don’t give such detailed measurements; they will just give you an overall size, with the largest being 51 inches. This means that your overall piece of carry-on luggage cannot exceed this. To double-check you’re within the rules, multiply the length, breadth and depth of your bag. If the answer to your sum is more than the limit imposed by the airline, you may encounter some problems.

The reason why there are restrictions on the size of carry-on luggage is because the airlines want to keep the passenger compartments of the plane safe and free of any clutter. This means that your bag needs to be able to be kept either in the overhead compartment or underneath your seat. There are usually strict rules about the weight of your carry on luggage, too.

Some airlines will allow you take an additional small item on board such as a small bag or tote, so that is worth checking out with your airline too so you are absolutely certain about what you can and can’t take with you.
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Carrry on luggage has standard dimensions as far as airlines are concerned. Although it may vary from airline to airline but there is a certain standard around which all the airlines operate. The standard carry on luggage dimensions are 22" X 14" X 9" for a total of 45". Weight is a factor that is different in different airlines. It can be as low as 11 pounds or as high as 40 pounds. Usually one piece of carry on luggage is allowed.
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Hand Luggage should be no more than:

56cm X 45cm X 25cm
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What are accepted weight and measurements for cabin baggage on emirates dubai flights
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Hand baggage rules
The one item restriction no longer applies at certain airports. Airlines apply their own policies regarding the number of items of hand baggage which can be taken in to the aircraft cabin.

Check with your airline to find out details of their cabin bag policy. The dimensions of your carry on bag must not be larger than 56 cm long, 45 cm wide 25 cm deep - including side pockets, handles or wheels

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