What Chemical Is Used In The Indiglo Watches To Make Them Glow?


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I "believe"  the word you are looking for is - radium.
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Electroluminescence is used to make the watch glow. Electricity is used to
energize phosphor atoms which make the watch face glow.
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Does this have anything to do with lightning bugs or madam currie.
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We can always count on you sweetie.....lol!
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I had a really really long answer but the computer kicked me off twice and erased it so i just gave the short short version. A lady scientist is using a microscopic orgnism/cellular animals/beasties that when they grow a big enough colony of these cells they attain the ability to luminess. She is trying to develop them for targeting cancer cells. These cells apparently go to the cancer cells and attach themselves and as they illlluminate the cells then they can also target the cancer cells.
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I forgot to add this -did you know that there are plants that luminess.http://www.wettropics.gov.au/pa/pa_glowing.html
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It is a combination of zinc sulfide mixed with copper that glows when a very small electrical current is passed through it. The radioactive substances tritium and radium were determined to be too dangerous for this.
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