Which Process Is Most Accurately Referred To As Nuclear Division: Mitosis Or Meiosis?


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Muhammad Nadeem answered
Most accurate nuclear division is the mitosis. Because Mitosis is the type of cell division in which number of chromosomes remain constant in all karyotypes while in Meiosis number of chromosomes are reduced to half in following generation.
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Maynard Keynes answered
Nuclear division, the chromosomal changes are most obvious.

    ① chromosome replication, the number doubled;

    ② chromosomes equally between two new cells;

    ③ Two new chromosome morphology and number of cells just like;

    ④ new cells and the original shape and number of chromosomes is tantamount.

    Old and new cells containing the genetic material is the same.
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Robyn Rothman answered
Mitosis is a process that divides the nucleus and other parts of a cell into two new cells, but meiosis also involves nuclear division. Mitosis produces 4 diploid cells. That means each new cell contains all chromosomes. Meiosis produces 2 haploid cells. Each new cell contains one half of the total number of chromosomes.

In humans, diploid cells contain 46 chromosome, while haploid cells each contain 23. An egg is a haploid cell that combines with a sperm cell (also haploid) and produces diploid cell each having 46 chromosomes.

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