Can You Explain The Environmental Factors?


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Environmental Factors
1. The environment can influence the outcome of communication. For this reason, organization gives careful consideration to office space, factory layout, the sales area and conference venues. The environment should put people at ease and match their expectations; an unsuitable environment can produce 'noise' that causes communication barriers and interferes with the communication process.

2. Certain instincts, such as desire for privacy, familiarity and security, need to be satisfied. Careful design of the workplace can meet these needs and in so doing improve communication, productivity and morale. Natural and artificial light, colour, temperature, tables, chairs, desks, lounges, plants, sound, artwork, magazines, and floor and wall coverings all have an impact on people's perception of an organization.

3. In the workplace, attention to punctuality or a disregard for it can make a strong nonverbal impact. A disregard for punctuality may, like a sloppy appearance, merely reflect a casual attitude. However, a deliberate decision to keep a contact waiting may be a way to communicate a negative message.
4. While punctuality is a matter of courtesy, attitudes towards its important vary between cultures. To be kept waiting for a business appointment on a tropical island will not have the same significance as a delay in some European counties where punctuality is highly regard.

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