Why Do We Use Data Structure? Its Advantages And Disadvantages?


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We use data structure because without it, the use and storage of data would be impossible. Whenever you view or process data on a computer system, there is always a data structure behind what you are doing. Different types of data structures are used for varying kinds of data - for instance, word documents will have a different data structure than spreadsheets. Data structures act as the fundamental foundations of all computer software processes.

Data structures have a number of great advantages, including those listed below:
  • Data structures allow information to be securely stored on a computer system. Most data structures require only a small proportion of a computer's memory capacity. Storing data is convenient and allows it to be accessed at any time. It is also impossible to lose the information, as you might if it was on paper.
  • Data structures provide you with the capacity to use and process your data on a software system. For instance, if you wished to log your work hours and produce a report, you could do so on a computer through an automated process. This process would make wide use of data structures.
  • Data structures make all processes involving them very quick.
On the other hand, data structures do have some disadvantages:
  • To alter data structures, you must be a very advanced IT technician with a vast experience base. It is almost impossible to change most data structures.
  • If you have a problem relating to data structures, it is highly unlikely you will be able to solve it without the expertise of a professional.
In all, it can be seen that data structures are highly beneficial, not least because they allow the most basic pieces of computer software to function correctly. Without data structures, we would not have the modern computer of today.

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