What Is The Use Of Data Structure?


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A data structure is used for the storage of data in computer so that data can be used efficiently. For the organization of mathematical and logical concepts data structure provides a methodology. With the proper selection of data structure you can also get efficient algorithm. With very few resources like memory space and time critical operations can be carried out with a well designed data structure. The major use of data structure is its implementation in the programming language.

Moreover, there are different kinds of data structures and they have different uses. Some data structures are used for specialized tasks like B-trees are used for the implementation of databases and networks of machines use routing tables.

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In programming, the term data structure refers to a scheme for organizing related pieces of information. The basic types of data structures include: 

Each of these basic structures has many variations and allows different operations to be performed on the data.
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A data structure is a particular way of storing or organizing data in computer so that it can be used efficiently.
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Generally, a data structure consists of data elements according to a logical connection to organize. On the logical relationship between the data elements described as data logical structure, Data stored in a computer, to within the data storage structure of data structure is the realization form, is in the computer, In addition to discuss a data structure are also discussed in this data must be executed on the operation. In many types of program design, data structure of choice is a basic design considerations. Many large system structure, system experience shows that the degree of difficulty and system construction quality are serious depends on whether the optimal selection of data structure. Many times, the data structure and algorithms can easily get after. Sometimes things will turn, we according to specific algorithm to select data structure and adapt. Either way, select the appropriate data structure is very important.
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Data is a collection of information and it's structured to a specific format is the data structure
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A data structure in computer science is a way of storing data
in a computer so that it can be used efficiently. It is an organization
of mathematical and logical concepts of data. Often a carefully chosen
data structure will allow the most efficient algorithm
to be used. The choice of the data structure often begins from the
choice of an abstract data type. A well-designed data structure allows
a variety of critical operations to be performed, using as few
resources, both execution time and memory space, as possible. Data
structures are implemented by a programming language as data types and the references and operations they provide.
Different kinds of data structures are suited to different kinds of
applications, and some are highly specialized to certain tasks. For
example, B-trees are particularly well-suited for implementation of databases, while networks of machines rely on routing tables to function.
In the design of many types of computer program, the choice of data
structures is a primary design consideration. Experience in building
large systems has shown that the difficulty of implementation and the
quality and performance of the final result depends heavily on choosing
the best data structure. After the data structures are chosen, the
algorithms to be used often become relatively obvious. Sometimes things
work in the opposite direction — data structures are chosen because
certain key tasks have algorithms that work best with particular data
structures. In either case, the choice of appropriate data structures
is crucial.
This insight has given rise to many formalized design methods and
programming languages in which data structures, rather than algorithms,
are the key organizing factor. Most languages feature some sort of
module system, allowing data structures to be safely reused in
different applications by hiding their verified implementation details
behind controlled interfaces. Object-oriented programming languages such as C++ and Java in particular use classes for this purpose.
Since data structures are so crucial, many of them are included in standard libraries of modern programming languages and APIs, such as C++'s containers, the Java Collections Framework, and the Microsoft .NET Framework.
The fundamental building blocks of most data structures are arrays, records, discriminated unions, and references.
For example, the nullable reference, a reference which can be null, is
a combination of references and discriminated unions, and the simplest
linked data structure, the linked list, is built from records and
nullable references.
Data structures represent implementations or interfaces:
A data structure can be viewed as an interface between two functions or
as an implementation of methods to access storage that is organized
according to the associated data type
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A means of representing a real-life entity (such as an invoice) inside
a computer. Computer programmers create data structures to model real
world entities. I.e. The internal data representation of an implementation.
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Data I sa set of values. The logical or methamatical model of a particular organisation of data is called a data structure.
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