What Are The Pressure Points To The Solar Plexus?


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Solar plexus is the connecting mark of the foetus and the mother in womb. There is no acupressure points at solar plexus . It is being used to identify other points around the solar plexus like St. 21 , st,25 , st 29 which lies 4 cum from the solar plexus. Heat therapy is practised on the solar plexus for upper abdominal problems , ache etc. Solar plexus is the forbidden point for acupuncture and pressure points. It is an anatomical position to find out other points lies surrounding it.
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Are we talking the solar plexus itself or pressure points that can affect the solar plexus as in the foot?
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We are talking about the striking points in the solar plexus (Kempo karate). How many and what are they called? Thank you! Gail
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the closest i can come is a article referring to the effects of hitting the celiac plexus which effects the different organs behind the muscle wall or hitting the floating rib causing a break. i also found a diagram for dim mak showing 6 points in the solar plexus area. sorry, i could not help you more.
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Conception 14 or aka Conception vessel 14

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