How To Delete Immunity Folder?


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The Immunity Folder is an auto run folder in your computer that usually means it is similar to all other folders in that you can just delete what is inside the folder by finding the folder and selecting to delete files. In certain instances you may be blocked from deleting the selected files. In general the immunity folder holds files that are dangerous to your computer. Your virus software has labeled them as harmful and put them in a folder to block them from being used. This happens when the computer itself cannot deal with the files such as deleting them. It puts them in quarantine. If released to the main system they could infect the entire drive and then you will have further problems.

Consider the following:

* Open your antivirus software
* Find the quarantined items
* Select to delete all of them

You may or may not get rid of all that is in the immunity folder, but it may help to clear up some of them.

Your computer is going to block you if you head straight to the folders without a special plan in place. In other words, you may not be able to go to My PC to the immunity folder and select delete files. If this is the case load your command prompt.

The command prompt can be opened by the control panel or by selecting it as your computer is loading by hitting F8, on most PCs. Once the command prompt has been loaded you can then type in c:/autorun.inf. Your folder may have a longer file name so check to make sure you have the appropriate information. Once the file is found you can select to delete it through the command prompt. Consider obtaining a computer manual that helps you with command prompts to know what to select to delete the file.

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