How To Make A Model On Global Warming?


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Making a model that represents global warming can be created fairly simply. Most physical models of global warming will need to be quite exaggerated in order to show some sort of impact.

For example, one way you could make a global warming model is to place an inflatable globe inside a glass box. Put this box, with the inflated globe inside, on a table and shine a high watt bulb through the glass. Over time the heat from the lamp will cause the globe to begin to shrivel and deflate.

Obviously this is not an accurate representation about what global warming could do to the earth but it offers a dramatized version of the events. This model can then be backed up with research to explain the causes and impacts of global warning.

  • Causes of global warming
The suggested causes of global warming are divided into two main categories; natural causes and man-made causes. The natural causes are unpreventable and are related to methane gas that is expelled by wetlands and the Arctic tundra. The other main natural cause is that the earth goes through a cycle of climate change over the course of 4,000 years.

The man-made causes of global warming are focused on the effects of pollution. CO2 and methane being forced into the air are speeding up the processes of global warming that would be occurring naturally.

  • Impacts of global warming
It has been suggested that global warming could have a number of effects on the earth. It could cause the sea levels to rise and the amount and pattern of precipitation to change quite dramatically.

Global warming could also cause an expansion of the subtropical deserts. The Arctic would experience a retreat in the glaciers, permafrost and sea ice while more extreme weather events would be expected to occur across the world. The change in global temperature can cause species to become extinct and changes in agricultural yields.

These concepts can be expressed using a model of global warming. Although the model will show a rather extreme idea of global warming, the research behind it is quite serious.

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