How To Make Working Models On Ozone Depletion?


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To create a working model that illustrates ozone depletion, consider creating a plastic case that doesn't let any air in or out; then, place this plastic item in an atmosphere filled with ozone gas. You may be able to create this atmosphere through a spark made from electricity; however, this spark must be constant to give the right effect.

  • Continue the experiment

Once you have the on-going spark, add Freon to the mix. This gas can be hard to find, but it's used in the coolant systems of most automobiles. Ironically, you may not be able to find it easily because the gas hurts the ozone layer. Freon is thick - once it's been introduced into the atmosphere, it will drop to the base of the plastic container, and the ozone will deplete. Use a mini-fan to disperse air as you conduct your experiment.

  • Environment tips

To avoid damaging the ozone, many product manufacturers have taken certain aerosol sprays off of the market. As well, the government has stepped in and banned the use of certain chemical compounds, gases, and materials that damage the ozone layer. Ordinary people are doing their part to help by eschewing harmful products, and considering their carbon footprints as they go about their daily lives. As well, the fragile waterways and marine ecosystems are being polluted with chemicals, pathogens, and other harmful substances; to combat this, many people are choosing to use solvents and detergents that will biodegrade once they swirl down the drains or toilets in a household. In general, biodegradable items are great for the environment, while items such as disposable diapers will rest in landfills and never biodegrade. Always choose biodegradable products when you have a choice.

To learn more about the ozone layer, visit websites that are devoted to improving and understanding the environment. Any website you find that believes in the concept of global warming (there are sceptics galore out there, too) will probably include information about global warming.

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