Deviant Behavior In Power. When A Crime Is Committed By Someone Who Has A Powerful Status In This Society, How Is Their Deviant Behavior Handled In Comparison To Someone Who Has Less Power In Society?


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It varies from society to society as each society has a set of unique fundamentals that it is established in. Typically, there are two disciplines or schools of thought in this regard. One is of the opinion that ' A capitalist oriented system is directed towards the powerful and is against the weak. The weak are an impediment to growth of the powerful and laws are in place only to protect the interests of the privileged against the interests of those who are not'. The laws in such a society would only be implemented on the weak segments of society and any rights or privileges exist only for the benefits of the powerful and rich. Another opinion is that nature is indifferent and can equally be cruel to all regardless of their status. Both of these ideas are true with regards to their context. However, the deviant behavior of the powerful is generally considered to be their prerogative and would normally be ignored by society, their transgressions are easily forgiven. Someone who is less powerful would accept their fate and surrender to the order of the day and the laws are applicable to them if they harm the powerful in anyway.
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Well, here in America, the rich/famous/powerful if they are lucky enough, will do Federal prison time,(which is like a day camp, compared to state prison.) The less fortunate go straight to jail/prison with no passing Go!
Example, a regular person who gets pulled over for a DUI will have a suspended liscense, serve 30 days or so in jail, and have hefty fines to pay, (possibly a breathilzer installed in vehicle), possibly losing their job on top of it all. And a person of power, will post bond within a few hours, pay court fines ASAP and have a driver bring them around. With the ability to continue working and making big money with ease.
( I do not condone drunk driving at all!) Just an example!

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