When A Crime Is Committed By Someone Who Has A Powerful Status In This Society, How Is Their Deviant Behavior Handled In Comparison To Someone Who Has Less Power In Society?


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   They aren't about to treat their fellow elitists like a common man. In my opinion mr. Nifong should have spent a year in the county jail for the contempt of court then have all possessions auctioned off to pay those families back then should have been sent to death row for what he tried to do to those boys. And have to serve hard labor at the same rate that prisoners get until he paid every cent back to those people. Had those families not had the money to secure a great defense team they would have been shuffled through that kangaroo court with a public offender and been sitting in prison with hardcore criminals and a rapist tag. And the judge that was involved should go with him! Just shows what a farce this court system is! You can't even call it legal anymore.

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