What Is The Meaning Of Quality In Bpo World?


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  • Quality is vital when it comes to the outsourcing of business processes. However, the quality I am referring to is the service that the company is planning to outsource; therefore there are strategies that need to be covered prior to the outsourcing process.

  • Companies tend to introduce standards in their business to ensure that the quality is the best it can possibly be. For example, a number of businesses have a benchmark that they aim to reach to identify where they are heading in terms of products, as well as when they need to make any improvements. In addition it helps to establish a relationship with other companies and departments that will best help the process to go through with ease.

  • There are three main systems that companies adopt to help improve the standard of quality which are known as Total Quality Management, ISO 9000 and Six Sigma.

  • Total Quality Management focuses on the management of the whole process and looks into solving any problems with the quality of the service. It usually consists of consulting previous data in order to build on it for future improvements.

  • ISO 9000 is a quality management model that is generally used all over the world. It focuses on looking at potential problems that may occur with the quality of a service. Due to the fact that it covers the whole spectrum of the business it can take a while to implement fully.

  • Six Sigma is more precise when judging the quality of a service because it evaluates specific functions using a statistical analysis. This is probably the most reliable system to use when trying to discover if there are any problems in terms of function and performance.

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