How Can You Improve Quality In BPO Industry?


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It is the aim of every contact centre in the BPO industry to show that they can provide service and business which can meet global standards in terms of quality. The quality assurance standard is provided by the COPC (Customer Outsourced Performance Center) certification. It is a proven system that helps achieve operational efficiency and ensures a high level of customer retention not to mention high rate of return to the investment for the client. Essentially there are 32 parameters for a BPO company to be COPC compliant.

To improve on quality and become eligible for the COPC certification, BPOs have to ensure that a high level of training is given to the employees. Whether it is interacting with consumers through emails, chat, remote-access or phone support, quality should be monitored regularly. Monitoring can range from 7-14 times a month. For phone support, there is side by side monitoring, wherein a quality leader (QL) sits by your side, barges onto your calls and monitors them. There is also a remote monitoring which is done by the QL, where he or she can pick up some of the random calls or emails done by the employee in the day. The third type of quality monitoring is done by the client. The objective of quality monitoring is to live to the adherent quality standards and even exceed the standards maintained by the client. Quality-monitoring is done for many reasons-to provide constructive feedback to the employee, to get the COPC certification and get more projects from the client. Forward thinking BPOs should also give cash incentives or gifts to employees who are consistent with their quality scores.
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I agree to you Arun Raj. Improving the BPO quality is vital because this can help them gain more clients or customers. It is also a branding for the firm and they will be more trustworthy. You can improve your quality in BPO by having a regular assessment, a regular checking of the quality of the services is important so that you can know the problems and create a solution for it. It will build a positive image of the company.

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