Does Yeast Grow Better In Warm Or Cold Water?


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Oh, yeast definitely grows better in warm water - in fact, putting yeast in cold water won’t make it grow at all!

Why Does Yeast Need Warm Water To Thrive?
If you think of yeast as a living thing - which it is - it needs to be at a certain temperature to function properly.

When humans get too cold, their bodies start to shut down. Yeast is pretty much the same. It “activates” at certain temperatures, and “deactivates” at others.

What’s The Best Temperature For Yeast To Thrive In?
Yeast works best in temperatures of between 105 and 112°F. If you use boiling water, you’ll kill the yeast completely - and the same thing happens if you use water that’s too cold.

If you use tap-water on yeast when you’re making bread, you won’t kill the yeast, but you’ll deactivate it. Then, when you put the bread in the oven, the heat will activate the yeast.

What Is Yeast?
Yeast is a microscopic fungus - so essentially, it contains tiny micro-organisms. There are over 1500 different species of yeast, and they’re used in making beer and bread, among other things.

Yeast is also present in the human body, and when the levels of yeast get too high, we can get yeast infections. Antibiotic treatments can sometimes cause this.
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Yeast works well at a water temperature of between 110-120; very high temperatures will kill the yeast. Yeast cannot be killed when frozen, and the same goes for wild yeast.

When using yeast to make bread, adding ice cold water will delay the fermentation process and will give the bread a sweet and eggy taste.
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You need warm water for yeast to grow.
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Yeast needs warmth to grow. It multiplies and grows in warmth, which gives the food a sour taste.

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