What Liquid Dissolves Pills Faster?


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This questions has multiple variables that need to be considered.

One of the most important aspects is that not all pills are the same, and therefore will not dissolve at the same rate.

  • Pills that have been produced to dissolve within the stomach are designed to dissolve best in acid rather than water. This is so that the pills will dissolve as soon as they get to the stomach, although they may also dissolve well in water.
  • Some medication is designed to pass through the stomach and dissolve after that. Therefore, these pills will dissolve poorly in acid, but very well in water.
  • Other medications are "slow-release" pills. It shouldn't matter what substance this type of pill is placed in, as it will dissolve in both acid and water at a fairly slow rate.
Which liquid dissolves pills faster...
If you wish to find out which liquid dissolves pills fastest, I would recomend you try the following substances:

  • Water to start with - to set a "benchmark" for the other substances.
  • Acid - such as lemon juice or vinegar - as these are pretty easy to get hold of. They should dissolve certain pills at a dramatically-different rate to water.
  • Oil, because it will dissolve substances at a very different rate to water, and again it's easy to get hold of.
  • Orange juice, or some other kind of juice - again because it's easy to obtain and isn't dangerous to handle. It could also produce some fascinating results.
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I did an experiment for my science project, and I concluded that water is the best liquid to dissolve pills. The pill dissolved in a mere 11 minutes!

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