What Is The Ideal Habitat Of Euglena?


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Euglena can live in both freshwater and brackish water (water that's slightly salinated, but not as salty as seawater).

They are most commonly found in inland water bodies like ponds, streams and lakes.

Where do Euglena live?
Euglena are similar to algae, although they are microscopic. There are over 800 different species, each slightly different from the next.

Where a euglena cell lives really depends on where it's most likely to find food.

Like plants, most euglena are 'autotrophs' and use photosynthesis to create energy. This means they employ a green-tinted substance called chloroplast to convert the sun's rays into sugar-based energy.

Because of this, their habitat needs to have significant exposure to the sun, a criteria that the surface of a body of water meets.

Certain species also consume carbon-based food, as do heterotrophs, which is why these species tend to seek an environment that is rich in organic material.

The cells are also propelled by a flagella (a whip-like tail), so travelling through water allows them to travel over relatively-large distances.

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