How Do Volcanoes Affect Plants And Animals?


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I’m not being funny, but volcanoes actually have a really positive effect on the life of plants and animals.

Obviously, when a volcano erupts, things get a bit difficult for all animals and plants (just life in general) in the area. Loads of ash is thrown up into the air, toxic gases are released into the atmosphere, and lava will burn you alive if you get in its way.

However, once all that’s calmed down, things start to thrive again. There are nutrients in the magma and the ashes that make the earth fertile again, and trees and plants start to grow in abundance.

That’s why you often see pictures of volcanoes surrounded by lush green plant-life!

If an area is rich in nutrients and healthy plants, animals are bound to find home there. Animals and plants need each other to survive; the animals feed off the plants, and some plants rely on the animals to spread their seeds.

Also, the air tends to be quite hot around volcanoes  - no surprise there – so you tend to get tropical plants, and animals like parrots and monkeys. It all depends on where the volcano is located, though – and when it last erupted!
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The ash in the air makes it hard for people, animals and plants  to breathe if there's too much. But when the volcano erupts, it also has some advantages. Although the fire burns down trees and plants, the land becomes fertile, and trees and plants can grow again. And usually where there are plants, there are animals.
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When they erupt they destroy plants and animals.

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