Who Invented Sticking Plasters?


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It was the husband of an American housewife. Earle Dickson who lived in New Jersey in 1920, was tired of coming home and finding his young wife (Josephine) with all sorts of wounds on her hands which he had to make up makeshift bandages for. It seems that although Josephine was a keen home-maker, she wasn't exactly the most graceful cook. Ever eager as only a newlywed can be, Earle got the idea of placing cotton on an adhesive strip and fixing it with crinoline (coarsely woven thin cotton fabric). Then whenever Josephine needed a small bandage, she could just cut off a piece and fit it on quickly.

Earle Dickson worked for a large manufacturer of health goods, Johnson & Johnson. So he passed the idea to his bosses who marketed the items in pre-cut strips, calling them "Bandaids". It took a few years for Johnson & Johnson to perfect mass production of a sterile BandAid. BandAid is still a registered trademark for Johnson & Johnson, and most of the world knows these types of items as sticking plasters or just plasters.

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