Who Invented Bakelite?


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Bakelite was invented by a Belgian, living in the United States who was called Leo Hendrik Baekeland. He invented Bakelite in 1907 and it was the first fully artificial plastic to be invented. It was widely acclaimed because it was so inexpensive and much less intensive to produce than natural alternatives.

It was used in a whole host of ways, particularly during the 1930's and 40's, when it seemed to be used for everything, not just radios and toasters but even jewellery was made from Bakelite !

Baekeland lived from 1863- 1944 and started life off as an academic, but moved to America in 1889. He was interested in finding a product which was cheap to produce, but durable. He also claimed that his primary interest in inventing such a material was not for any altruistic reasons, but purely financial: he wanted to make money.

Bakelite is now rare and as a result is very collectable, particularly within the United States.
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Leo Hendrik Baekeland invented the Bakelite around 1907 in his new laboratory in New York

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