Who Did Thomas Edison Marry, Did They Have Children?


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On the 25th of December in the year 1872, Thomas Edison married Mary Stilwell. Edison was 24 while his wife was 8 years his junior. They had three children, Marion, Thomas and William, when his first wife died in 1884. Two years later Edison married again, this time it was 19-year-old Mina Miller. She also bore him three children named Madeleine,Charles and Theodore Edison.

During this time, Edison made a lot of contributions to automobile enginering. He became great friends with Henry Ford, who stayed a few blocks away from his Florida home. Edison, also spent this time acquiring properties in various parts of the country, using them as seasonal retreats.
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Yes, he did. In fact, Thomas Edison married twice and he had three children each from both marriages.
His first wife was Mary Stilwell. He married her in 1871. Mary was only 16 at the time they got married. She was an employee at one of Edison's shops. Together, they had three children.
Their first child, a daughter whom they named Marion Estelle Edison was born in 1873 and lived uptil 1965. She was followed by two sons: Thomas Alva Edison Jr. (1879-1935) and William Leslie Edison (1878-1937).
In February 1884, Mary died. Thomas Edison remarried two years later in 1886. His second wife was twenty year old Mina Miller. She bore him two daughters and a son. Their elder daughter was Madeleine Edison (1888-1979). After him came Charles Edison (1890-1969) and then Theodore Miller Edison (1898-1992).
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When Edison was 39 he married his second wife, Mina Miller (20). They had three children together: Madeleine, Charles, and Theodore. Charles took over his father's business and later became the governor of New Jersey. Theodore was the only Edison child to acquire a college degree and went on to produce 80 patents. Mina lived for 16 years after Thomas' death. She died in 1947.
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Thomas Edison was married twice, his first wife's name was Mary Stilwell and his second wife's name was Mina Edison.
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Yes thomas edison did have a wife
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6 children
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Yes he did, he had three children in ea mariage and he had 2 mariages, so he had 6 children altogether

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