What Are The Pros And Cons Of Globalization To Small Scale Industries?


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There is the unfortunate by-product of globalization that takes place by removing natural competitiveness from the smaller companies within an industry affected. The pros and cons are the kinds of things you have to measure by gains and losses by globalization between the state of commerce prior to globalization, versus the state of commerce after the level of globalization that exists today. Prior to globalization, all things were performed locally, jobs were done locally, resources and markets were local. There was stability in relationships between industry compliments. Globalization brings about an instability due to the ever-changing landscape of industry compliments.

Some say that globalization is an advantage, and in the sense that they show it to be, it is, but these examples do not show the cost. The reason why you can't find an answer to this question is because doing so would pave the way to re-altering the trend of modern society. At the moment, the people who have the power like what they are doing.
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Small scale industries have not benefited much bcz of the lack of govt help in providing finance.. due to set up of more large industries n increasing competition aming them small scale industries are hardly developing

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