What Are The Pros And Cons Of Globalization?


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Advantages Of Globalization

• Free buying and selling between nations Increased.
• Worldwide mass media connects the world.
• Increased flow of communications by allowing information sharing between persons and organizations around the world.
• People are exposed to culture and because of this they can discovery new ways to improve themselves.
• Greater simplicity and pace of transporting goods and services.
• Companies have greater flexibility to operate across borders
• Decrease of cultural barriers give rise to global community effect
• Products or serves for selling have a huge market.
• Decrease the probability of war between developed nations
• World is now close and now every thing about one another
• Increased number of jobs world wide.
• One have a greater access to the world

Disadvantages Of Globalization

• Some people might lose their cultural traditions due to the existing ruling culture.
• As organizations want cheap labour so Globalization increased transfer of skilled and non-skilled jobs to developing from developed countries.
• Spread of a worldly lifestyle and approach International figures like the World Trade Organization violate national and individual control
• Greater risk of viruses being transferred accidentally between nations.
• Because of Globalization Human resource control and span increases as well.
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Globalization can be a force for good and bad - and its really hard to predict which it will be. Cultural globalization is something that many people are worried about but its rare that an existing culture is totally squashed by the global. In some cases, globalization can even help people find new ways of expressing their culture.
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Globalization is all about coming close of the world. It is to make world closer than ever before. This is to make a global village. That is good in many regards but bad as well. It has pros and cons and nobody is able to deny its value in both senses. People feel good and relax when they can contact others at long distances. It is good for them to keep themselves up to date about whatever is going on in this world.

It is all about closing of the distances and gaps round the globe. It is development and transfer of technology. People don't know about whatever is going on in their neighbourhood but they are keen to know about what is up in the world. They are going away from their closed ones and making acquaintances with those who are faraway. It is spoiling the originality of moral and social values on major level. We should go for its positive effects. It is better to avoid the negative ones for the sake of mankind.
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Con: Consolidation of economic power in the hands of a few giant multinational corporations which are not subject to democratic controls.
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