How Does Spatial Geography Affect Human Behavior?


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Spacial geography is about your position in a particular part of the earth, and it is a fact that it affects behavior. In other words if you observe you find people living in different parts off the world and have different attitudes and behavior. This is an example that with other factors, it also counts.
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I'm interested in very concrete examples of how geography affects the mindset. How does the violence of weather patterns affect a people's view of the Universe as expressed in their religious beliefs? It makes sense to me that in the tornado belt there would be a great number of people believing in a fire-and-brimstone God. Did the native Americans who lived on that land also have a concept of a violent or warlike "Great Spirit"?

What is the difference in mindset of a person growing up on plains as opposed to near mountains, or by a moving body of water like a river, as opposed to a stationary body of water like a lake? And how does it affect the daily life? What assumptions might one person have about how the world is and should be when they live in a northern place with four seasons, as opposed to the worldview of someone who lives in the Tropics?
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How spatial geography affects human behavior and how human
behavior affects spatial geography

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