What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of F.w. Taylor's Scientific Management Theory?


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Fredrick Winslow Taylor, 20 March 1856 - 21 March 1915, was an American mechanical engineer who worked to improve industrial efficiency. He started as an apprentice in Philadelphia, USA. He became chief engineer at the Midvale Engineering Works and later on with the Bethlehem Works where he experimented with his ideas and made his contribution to the management theory. F W Winslow founder of the famous "Scientific Management Theory". This theory was to make a scientific approach to the task of managing an enterprise. His idea was to improve how workers got the job done and to make sure management got the best from their workers. He found that the management was unaware of how much work was actually being done and that workers deliberately shirked work. He therefore suggested that those responsible for management should take on a scientific approach in their work and make use of scientific method for achieving higher efficiency. The method consists of the following:


He also developed the "Time and Motion Study". He would break a job down into sections and measure each section to a hundredth of a minute.

The advantages of this Theory is that organisations became much more successful and flexible. Also, each individual member of staff were scientifically trained and developed rather than leaving them to train themselves, giving them a much more successful working environment and the stability of a long term working relationship.

The Theory also has its disadvantages, as some workers resented the idea of being watched and timed and this led to many strikes. 

Taylor published many articles and short monographs, his most famous being "The Principles of Scientific Management" in 1911 and "Shop Management" in 1903.
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A common sense approach is better than his rubbish.
There will always be tension between task focused management and people centred management. The best way in between. Common sense will dictate where the point lies.
Think about it and then write your essay.
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Taylor theory, well, it is a basic and very useful theory for the calculus, the advantage is apparent ,and it is a bit hard to remember

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