What are the advantages and disadvantages of scientific inventions?


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-Less work for humans.
-Makes life more enjoyable.
-More effectiveness in doing some things.
-Ability to discover more new things.
-Medicines easier to synthesise.
-Faster to do some jobs.


-Environment is polluted and damaged.
-People die because of malfunctions.
-Technology is used in wars.
-More weapons are created.
-People become lazy and don't work.
-Climate change.
-Resources gets harvested much faster depleting environment at a increased pace.


Advantages are:

- Having an easier and more enjoyable life.
-Being able to communicate better.
-Having a larger range of ways of transportation.
-Being able to visit places impossible to reach without science.
-Having a safer environment.

Disadvatages are:

-Technology can be used to harm or kill people easier.
-Inventions such as cars harm the environment.
-Resources are being extracted too fast to replace.

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