I Want To Prepare For Psychology Entrance Exam. Can Anybody Tell Me How To Prepare For The Entrance And Which Are The Reputed Psychology Courses For That?


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Aparna Dwivedi answered
That’s  a nice question. I came across the site of www.psychology.ie. I think this might help you. You can do your  preparation from here.  As far as the courses are concerned , you can
choose from the following:
General Psychology
Teaching of Psychology
Experimental Psychology
Evaluation, Measurement, and Statistics
Behavioral Neuroscience and Comparative Developmental Psychology
Personality and Social Psychology
Psychological Study of Social Issues
Psychology and the Arts
Clinical Psychology
Consulting Psychology
Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Educational Psychology
School Psychology
Counseling Psychology
Psychologists in Public Service
Military Psychology
Adult Development and Aging
Applied Experimental and Engineering Psychology
Rehabilitation Psychology
Consumer Psychology
Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology
Behavior Analysis

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